Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Installing a commercial air conditioning system is a big investment. It’s extremely important to choose the right type for your property. Although commercial air conditioners operate in a way that’s similar to domestic A/C, the commercial environment may have different demands that can influence the type of AC system needed.

Let’s consider what characteristics commercial AC systems need to posses, as well as the pros and cons of ducted and ductless air conditioner options.

The Characteristics of High-Grade Commercial A/C


When your livelihood depends on the premise being maintained at the correct temperature, a dependable  A/C system is vital.  A broken A/C system may cause the premise to shut down, disgruntled customers, potential damage to inventory and low employee morale.  It is essential that the selected system is suitable for your building’s layout and can handle your business’s demands.

Increased Emphasis on Air Quality

While ventilation is important in a domestic setting, homeowners usually don’t need to rely solely on the HVAC to provide it. In a commercial setting, ventilation such as an open window or door usually isn’t enough. Multiple occupants create a large amount of humidity that requires management. Commercial A/C plays a key role in dehumidifying and decontaminating interior air.

Energy Efficient with Low Running Costs

When you’re running a business, keeping energy costs low is always a priority. A commercial A/C system needs to be energy efficient, without compromising on performance. As each commercial property has unique needs, we recommend obtaining a specialist assessment from an HVAC expert. 

Suitable for Larger Spaces

A commercial system needs to be powerful enough to keep larger spaces at an optimal temperature without working at full capacity. Although it may be tempting to choose a smaller unit, it won’t last long if it’s consistently over-working. 

Versatile Enough to Meet Changing Commercial Needs

As businesses evolve and grow, their energy needs may change. Your new A/C system should be “future proof”, with the capacity to accommodate changing demands over time.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning

Ducted, Central Air Conditioning

This is a popular choice for many businesses. Ducted A/C delivers appropriately warmed or cooled air to all parts of the premises. Heating and cooling systems work together, with a single thermostat controlling the interior temperature. 

Ductless, Mini-Split System A/C

Ductless A/C has an interior unit and an exterior unit. If you have a smaller property, or work from a single space that can accommodate an indoor unit, this may be a more efficient and flexible option.

VRF (Variable Refrigerated Flow)

VRF is a type of HVAC that’s been specifically designed for buildings that have complex energy demands, such as hotels or other multi-occupancy buildings.

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