How to Keep Your A/C from Breaking During a Heatwave

If you have ever experienced a heatwave, then you understand the misery one would be in if they endured one without any source of air conditioning – especially in San Antonio, Texas. What a nightmare, right? Not only would it be a dreadful experience, but it would be extremely unhealthy for the body. Being in the heat without cool air can cause extreme dehydration and even heat strokes. Neither of those things sound particularly enjoyable to me – or anyone for that matter.

Wouldn’t you rather be laying on the couch with an ice cold popsicle and strong cool air blowing throughout your home? If that is where you envision yourself this summer, then I highly suggest you prepare your air conditioning unit for a heatwave before it is too late. Here are our tips so your unit won’t crash on you when you need it most.


Close the Blinds

One of the most important things to do in order to keep your A/C running properly in a heat wave is to pay close Blinds - HVAC - Honest Air - San Antonio, TXattention to your windows. I know…Texas has plenty of beautiful sunny days and it is oh-so-tempting to open up those blinds and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, during a heatwave, the open blinds can do an immense amount of damage to your air conditioning unit. Because the windows are allowing so much heat from the outdoors to enter your home, your unit is trying extra hard to cool down the inside of the house. Plus, you’re honestly really not saving much on the electric bill by letting the sun lighten up your home. So during the summer, try your best to enjoy those beautiful days on a lawn chair in the backyard, rather than in your favorite recliner.


Turn off the Lights

On the topic of eliminating extra heat sources, shutting off the lights in your home can make a significant difference in your unit’s energy as well. The more lights that are on in a home, the more warmth is continuously distributed. There is no doubt that everyone wants to prevent their A/C from breaking, whether it’s due to the cost or just the miserable toll a heatwave can take. So in order to stay cool, make sure to add turning off the lights to your list of things to do before you leave the house. For extra energy savings, you can even invest in some motion-sensored lights for your front and backyard.


Turn on the Fans

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Another option to keep your air conditioning unit in tact is to use fans. Fans help circulate the cool air throughout your home. Stale air can often feel much warmer than its temperature actually indicates. If you have enough ceiling or stand up fans throughout your house, there may be no need to keep your A/C running constantly. When everyone is out for the day, turn the temperature up and leave the fans on until you return home. Yes, turn the temperature up – don’t turn the thermostat off. This will most likely prevent your unit from possibly overloading.


Take Care of the Outside Unit

Are you on top of keeping a close eye on your outside AC unit? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. It happens to all of us! Life is busy, and we often forget about the important things that help make our lives easier. It will always fail to cross your mind until you’re sweating in your own home with the AC on. In San Antonio, TX, you know how 

San Antonio, TX, Air Conditioning Tune-Up Honest Air

hard the sun can come beating down. Air conditioning technicians and experts say it is essential to hose down your outdoor unit every now and then. Make this a habit when you are out doing yard work or playing with your dogs. An extra precaution to take for your outdoor unit is to give it some shade. Building some shade around it can help it run a little easier. It can even be a simple fence, as long as it provides enough protection from the sun, but isn’t so large that it blocks the airflow.


AC Tune Up

In San Antonio, we highly encourage you to schedule preventive maintenance and have your unit tuned-up for the summer. A tune up is basically like a regular cleaning at the dentist’s office. The technician will ensure that everything is running properly. The condenser and evaporator coils will be cleaned thoroughly, just like your pearly whites. Some parts may even need to be replaced, such as the suction pipe or filter. Getting a tune-up is a must have to prepare for a heatwave and make sure your family will have a safe home for the Texas summers.

To make sure you are prepared, let’s review all of the above tips:

  • Keep your blinds closed to prevent the sun’s heat from making your unit work extra hard
  • Turn off the lights to eliminate more heat
  • Use fans to cool the house and help circulate air
  • Clean the outside unit regularly
  • Shade the outdoor unit with a fence
  • Call Honest Air for a tune up

Heating and Air Conditioning in San Antonio, TX

Honest Air Heating and Air Conditioning San Antonio

If you follow all of these instructions, you will without a doubt be prepared for San Antonio’s regular warm weather and dreadful heatwaves!

Contact Honest Air at 220-681-7333 for your yearly summer tune up or if you have any questions about keeping your air conditioning unit running properly! Honest Air has been helping people just like you since 1990!

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